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Whether the topic is leadership, management, improvement or all the above Russ is able to explain critical concepts to teams at all levels and drive results.

Mr. Art Smalley

Founder and Owner / The Art of Lean

The Leadership Roadmap is an eminently practical, proven “how to guide” for every step along the path to sustained operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Mr. John Beakes

Founder & CEO / Operational Performance Solutions

Our purpose with the Leadership Roadmap Institute is to assist leaders in any organization to understand and effectively lead an integrated approach developing a culture (people) of continuous improvement. This approach has been proven to be highly successful.

These two subsystems; lean and innovation, will allow for employee development. This process will lead to customer satisfaction and cost improvements while enhancing the employee job satisfaction.

Many organizations practice various lean tools with little long term sustainability. Past management has failed to understand the strategy needed to implement an integrated approach.

We have developed a more Clear, Concise, and Organized approach for your success.

Does your company have a competitive advantage?

The Leadership Roadmap identifies the most direct path to total organizational success. Here you will find a framework for performance management and succession planning at all levels.

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