Why do I need a Leadership Roadmap? The executive leadership, of most Western organizations, has failed to understand the path to achieving a sustainable culture of continuous improvement and fully utilize all the intelligence of the most important asset, All Team Members.

In these pages we will discuss what leaders must do to establish the strategy, leading the implementation of process innovation and continuous improvement.

Professor Carl Frost, one of the giant leaders of the Scanlon Plan development, stated “It is managements responsibility to offer participation, It is the Team Members responsibility to accept participation. If management does not offer, Team Members cannot participate.” Today “It is managements responsibility to offer strategy for lean and participation, It is the Team Members responsibly to learn and participate in daily continuous improvement. If management
does not establish this strategy and lean process, Team Members cannot develop into a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.

The irony of the Toyota Production System as I learned while working in Toyota Motor Manufacturing, is that the Team Members value to themselves and the company is truly enhanced while the efforts at continuous improvement are constantly improving controllable cost. This allows for sustained employment and more shared profits for all.

If you are an executive, follow these coming pages, if a middle manager follow and engage your executives in discussion, a team of lean implementer understand the value of team participation by all and engage the middle managers your are supporting to learn from these pages.

Good luck on your lean journey.