There are several tools of Lean to consider enabling your success at team participation.

  • standard problem solving mythology for all the shop floor to utilize
  • a method to have a trained leader
  • how long with this problem solving team be together before we either solve our issue and implement or escalate the issue.
  • when will we meet, OT, during shift and how long each time
  • utilization of visual floor management, posted monthly and daily KPI’s in the annual plan, standardized work, 5S and ergonomic issues that have been identified. These tools will keep the area team focused on what is important for their teams success
  • various report out periods and recognition more that rewards. Both are good however most team members are just looking for respect for their good work. Just like all of us.

This is not an all inclusive list and be sure as a leadership staff to make what is successful for you organization.

Good Luck on your Lean Journey