Why Toyota System

Why Toyota Production System? The word "system" is the most important element of TPS. Today we have deteriorated down to calling Lean Manufacturing, taken from the book (Womack, Jones, Roos, 1990, "The Machine That Changed The World") to just lean. We have lost the...

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Why A Leadership Road Map?

Why I Need A Leadership Roadmap To Lean? Have you ever heard or thought “you don’t know, what you don’t know”? This might seem strange to successful leaders in various organizations. The fact is you knew how to use the system you have worked on for years. You also...

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Why Do I Need A Leadership Road Map For Lean

Why do I need a Leadership Roadmap? The executive leadership, of most Western organizations, has failed to understand the path to achieving a sustainable culture of continuous improvement and fully utilize all the intelligence of the most important asset, All Team...

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