7 Most Important Questions

The Seven Most Important Questions You Can Ever Ask About Your Organization


Your CEO, entire leadership team, and total organization are on the right track to achieve and sustain superior results?


The quality of your strategic and annual plans and their deployment is consistent with the quality needed to achieve and sustain superior performance?


Your customers see your organization as having a strong competitive advantage that is also being improved faster than your competition is improving?


Your organization has a highly effective and efficient process in place for improving cost, quality and delivery, and that your operational capabilities and performance exceeds that of your competition as seen through the eyes of your customers?


Your customers are regularly surprised and delighted with your innovative solutions that meet and frequently exceed both their perceived and unperceived needs?


People throughout your organization feel they are being treated as important to success and that leadership practices they experience on a daily basis inspires them to be highly engaged to apply their full energy, creativity and commitment to achieve organization goals with excellence?


Your answers to the 6 questions above will be closely aligned with answers you would expect from the Board and entire executive leadership team?