Level 2

Exploring the Roadmap – LEVEL 2

People, Lean and Process Innovation – Integration


One full day meeting with as large a leadership group as you choose to involve. This meeting is designed to bring solid value for your organization through custom-structured presentations and intensive interaction. These presentations and interaction sessions will focus primarily on:

  1. Building an understanding of the intellectual basis of the Roadmap, supporting the claim that it is the clearest, most concise and coherent model known; that it applies to any type of organization; that the principles on which it is based are timeless and that it compliments, rather than replaces, the teachings found in the best-selling books on leadership.
  2. Showing the major milestones associated with implementing the Roadmap and how these milestones support the claim it is the most comprehensive model known.
  3. Formulating a comparison of your current approach to leadership and organization development with the Roadmap.
  4. Citing the critical success factors often overlooked by most leaders, with the objective of supporting the claim that very few leaders are able to deliver sustained high performance.
  5. Determining whether or not there is a need for change based on your answers to the seven most important questions you can ever ask your organization.


You and your leadership team will obtain sufficient information to answer the big question facing all leaders today, ”Are you positioning your business to accelerate into the future with the best Leadership and Business Performance Model available or content to chance becoming stalled with your current approach?”


$2,500 (50% will be credited against any additional services used within 6 months), plus ordinary expenses.