Level 1

People & Lean Integration – Level 1

Exploring the Roadmap-Integrating People and Lean Systems


An initial 2-4 hour meeting with the CEO and Top Operating team with the following objectives

Brief overview of our Roadmap Model

1) Learn how this map is valid for any company large or small as well as type of organization (Industrial, Health Care, Financial)

2) Explore where your company is on the lean journey and the integration of a sound people system

3) Provide opportunity to asses first hand if the Roadmap and our services can assist you in building an organization that achieves sustainable success for all stakeholders


Upon completion you and your staff can assess first hand where you are on the roadmap model and make an intelligent decision if the Roadmap is applicable to advance your team to the next levels. Decide what services might best meet your company needs.


No Charge (depending on travel some basic expenses might be applied. Decided before the engagement)