Level 2

People & Lean Integration – Level 2

Exploring the Toyota Production System (Lean) and the People System Integration at Toyota


This three-day engagement will be conducted with our expertise of understanding people/lean from a Toyota perspective. It will have the following objectives:

  1. Executive education of the best people/lean system. This will be intended for your executive staff and lean implementation leaders. We will develop a total view of lean as a system and the critical importance of the people system development. We will discuss the meaning of the lean enterprise, executive team responsibilities toward lean and lean tools the executive team must provide. We will assess where your company is on these lean executive tools to support long term success of your lean initiatives. (4-8 hours depending on the leaderships team time allowance and interaction).
  2. Audit of your current state of people and lean systems. One day per plant location with you’re assigned internal leader. We will use “The Leadership Roadmap” assessment tools as well as interaction with various levels of plant Team Members
    3) Assessments of were your company is on the Leadership Roadmap and suggested next steps for continued development in both people and lean systems.


  1. An executive leadership team understanding and prepared to develop their people/lean system implementation to the fullest extent.
  2. Functional staff members understand how they must consider initiatives to fully support both the goals of the company for all stakeholders as well as the sustainable objectives of the company’s reason for introducing lean systems.
  3. The lean implementation team will have a better understanding of just where they are on the lean journey and an initial draft plan to continue progress for success.


$6,000 (plus ordinary expenses) Additional Plant Assessments $1200.