Level 3

People & Lean Integration – Level 3

Lean and People Systems Coaching


Once on the Leadership Roadmap journey there is a never ending development and continuous improvement process. This must be strategically analyzed and often outside expertise is required to assess the current progress. This must be done from a train the trainer perspective to allow success.

This service will be based on our experience with our executive leadership of the people and lean systems at Donnelly, Tiara Yachts, Toyota Boshoku America and Russ Scaffede’s learning during his Toyota years.

Our service will be on a regular agreed to basis to provide leadership coaching to both the executive staff (CEO’s and functional leaders) as well as the company improvement team. Either Russ or Dwane (on a limited basis) depending on the required need at the time in the Roadmap journey will provide the coaching. We will serve as assessors, facilitators for next steps and either personally provide any required training or suggest a competent expert to present the training.


  1. Continuous updates from an outside expert view of current progress of your lean enterprise journey and ability to use their knowledge of how the initiatives are progressing based on our comparative analysis.
  2. Company executive level feedback on suggested current state and suggested next steps for the teams progress.
  3. Support the development and rollout of the people/lean vision from the executive team, tools supporting this vision and coaching for middle and first line management on how to use the system for continuous improvement.
  4. When required, teaching of specific tools and models to be used by the entire team to foster optimum levels of company success and employee participation and identity with the company


TBD with discussions of the engagement and needs of the company.