Strategic Planning

A half-day, on site interaction with the CEO with a focus on the current strategic and annual plans, the deployment process used to implement these plans and results achieved so far. After this half day interaction, a written formal review of the plans and deployment process will be prepared and followed up with a second half day meeting with the CEO to answer questions regarding the findings in the report.

This service starts with a full day of intensive interaction with the CEO, using a series of questions derived from the Roadmap. After this initial meeting, an attempt will be made to capture the views/beliefs/knowledge of the CEO in the form of a high level rough draft of a strategic and annual plan.

Serve as a facilitator for the entire executive leadership team. This will initially involve a one-day intensive session with the entire team focused on finding answers to a series of questions derived from the Roadmap.

Within one week of this initial session, a rough-draft plan will be pulled together to guide a second day of intensive interaction with the entire team. Focus of this second session will be to gain team support and commitment. What are the areas of agreement/disagreement; where is more information needed and what areas need to be deleted or added to cement team support and commitment?