Level 2

Strategic Planning Level 2

Assist CEO in Preparation for Strategic Planning


This service starts with a full day of intensive interaction with the CEO, using a series of questions derived from the Roadmap. After this initial meeting, an attempt will be made to capture the views/beliefs/knowledge of the CEO in the form of a high level rough draft of a strategic and annual plan. After the CEO has had time to review this rough draft, a half day follow up meeting will be used to identify what changes are needed to more accurately and/or fully capture the current thinking of the CEO and where there are gaps that only the entire leadership team can fill in. A final rough draft will then be prepared that can be used in whatever way the CEO feels will be most productive as he/she prepares to fully engage the entire executive leadership team. The main objective of this choice is to help the CEO prepare for a highly effective and efficient process involving the entire executive leadership team.


A well-organized and prepared CEO ready to lead a highly effective and efficient strategic planning process.

A tool that can be used to rapidly engage the entire executive leadership team and capture their views/beliefs/knowledge in a plan accompanied by a high level on understanding, support and commitment.

A better understanding of the Roadmap and the role it plays in building great leaders and an organization capable of achieving sustainable success.